Our Core Values


Jesus is the Curriculum, the Classroom, and the Teacher

• All curriculum should be Gospel-centered and all classes should focus on us becoming more like Jesus

Jesus is the Hero of every lesson

• All classes and studies should not merely moralizes but present Jesus as Savior

We are all about Disciples

• All ministries should be intentional about making disciples


Evangelism is not an option, it is the Great Commission

• It is our responsibility to take the living Gospel to a dying world

The church is God’s plan A, there is no plan B

• Partner with & support ministries and missions that plant new, or help rebuild existing churches

Outreach is done from the inside out. Inside -> Out -> Reach

• We will be known by the love we show one another
• Outreach is no longer just door-to-door but it’s about building relationships
• Outreach works best when you reach outside the walls of the church


Every member is a minister

• We are all called to minister, encourage, care, and support one another

We are the Church, not a theater

• In a theater, you are a spectator to be entertained and served, but in the church you are engaged with others to be active and serve

Songs & fine arts are sermons set to music

• Praise & worship should be theologically correct and Gospel centered
• What is sung is believed. Sing rightly, believe rightly


Generosity transforms people

• Our hearts go where our treasures are.

• Giving helps break materialism.

• We prefer sacrificial giving over fund-raising