With his last command before ascending to Heaven, Jesus told his followers to become witnesses of Him throughout the world (Acts 1:8). So we are commanded to share our faith with others. This is our most powerful tool in spreading the gospel. It is a task that every Christian is compelled to take up.

One of the various definitions for witness defines it as one who has personal knowledge of something: a testimony. You testimony is what God has done for you. Through your testimony you can help others who may be going through the type of experiences you have been delivered from. By testifying, you bring glory to God. Remember it is not about what we have done, but what God continues to do for us and others.

Your testimony does not have to be a long speech. Nor does it have to be a competitor to someone else’s story; after all, it is just your personal statement about God’s deliverance.

There are a couple of components that testimonies are comprised of:

  • Before Christ where was your life?
  • With Christ, your life changed
  • Now Christ has given you new life