General Church Documents
File Name Description Format Updated Ministry
Ministry Request Form Make requests for the events hosted at the church or listed on the church calendars PDF 06/05/2020 Special Events
Ministry Request Planning Form Capture all the considerations needed to plan an event at the church PDF 06/05/2020 Special Events
Mt. Zion Organization Chart Identify the elders and members associated with different ministries at Mt. Zion PDF 01/05/2021 Church Administration
Your New Life in Christ These are lessons that members can use as follow-up with those they invited to a church that God saves. There are five lessons and a leader’s guide. ZIP 3/8/2016 Discipleship
Mt. Zion Constitution & By-Laws Church’s Constitution and By-Laws PDF 02/08/2016 Church Administration
Church Attendance Overview on church membership and the impact of regular attendance PDF 02/08/2016 Discipleship
Questions & Answers for Mt Zion as a nondenominational Church Mt. Zion recently switched from a baptist church to a nondenominational church. This document answers frequently asked questions concerning the change. PDF 01/03/2011 Church Administration
Discipleship Model The model for how Mt. Zion plans to equip its members in the areas of ministry, outreach, evangelism, and discipleship. PDF 10/24/2010 Discipleship
Spiritual Gifts Survey Spiritual gifts survey, gifts definitions, and ministry potential ZIP 07/04/2004 Spiritual Enrichment