Steps for Announcing Events


Identify a sponsoring ministry within the church that will represent the event. Most events are sponsored by ministries who will be responsible for all communication leading up to the event. If this event will be sponsored by an outside organization please contact Elder Wayne Bullock for approval and additional information.


Schedule the event with consideration for other church activities. If this is a large event requiring multiple church resources, please plan with the church calendar approval process in October. You can schedule ministry level events not requiring additional resources with Realm. Please ensure when necessary that you have the elder’s approval.


Communicate with other ministries that will be dependent on this event. Consider giving the ministries enough lead time to organize other ministry members to ensure they can provide requested support.


Submit your announcement request by Monday @ 12PM the week you desire the announcement to run. Consider that there will need to be additional work done to make your announcement available on our multiple platforms. These platforms include the video announcements, this website, and the church bulletin.



  • You submit the announcement request by Monday @ 12 PM the week the announcement will be played.
  • The church secretary reviews all announcements with the church elders approval
  • The virtual service team receives approved announcements to produce a PowerPoint file utilized in videos on Tuesday.
  • The church secretary posts approved announcements on the website and the church bulletin by Wednesday.
  • The IT operations team receives the announcements video on Thursday.
  • The Sunday worship services will display the announcements in video and on the church bulletin